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Extensive experience in mitigating all aspects of your computing environment, regardless of scale.


Most devices are designed and capable of communicating through private networks and the internet.

Configuring even one setting incorrectly may inadvertently open your entire network to the world.

This can have extraordinarily strong legal repercussions including criminal charges.

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Consulting & Penetration Testing

Services are available for all network size environments, from Enterprise level to general end-user support if requested.

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Social EngineeringPhishing

Social engineering is about exploiting human nature to bypass sophisticated security infrastructure.

These types of attacks trick authorized users into providing confidential information such as passwords.

For example, a common form of social engineering is phishing. During a phishing attempt, an attacker will send an email pretending to be a legitimate organization and request confidential information.

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According to a study from Google about social engineering, some of the most effective phishing campaigns have a 45% success rate!

Remember never to give out any sensitive information (e.g., passwords, credit card numbers, banking information, or even your date of birth) unless you are sure about the requestor’s identity.

If your site is managed by several people, consider providing training to raise security awareness against social engineering attacks.

You can refer to the Gmail Help Center for basic phishing protection tips.